Mother Hands Her Baby Boy to Stranger at a Laundromat, Saying He Would Be ‘Better Off’

September 29, 2019 Updated: September 30, 2019

A Pennsylvania mother reportedly handed her baby boy to a stranger at a laundromat and said he would be better off.

According to Scranton Police, in an update on Sept. 24, the mother of the child was eventually located. They had posted a photo of the baby, who is between the ages of 12 and 16 months, on social media and asked about the mother’s whereabouts.

Scranton Police Chief Carl Graziano told Fox56 that the unidentified mother won’t face charges in the incident. Her name also will not be released.

On Sept. 24, a woman called the police after a stranger handed her the child.

“Allegedly, this woman handed over the baby to her, saying that the baby would be better off with her and walked away,” Graziano told the station.

Police said the woman then walked away with a man down the street.

Graziano said that the mother’s identity was revealed within hours of them posting about it on social media.

“The baby does seem to be in good health, from what we can see. And we have had the baby checked out by the hospital and the hospital did not find any known medical issues with the baby,” he said.

The child is now in the care of the Lackawanna County Office of Youth and Family Services.

Carl Caldwell, who works at a Domino’s Pizza next door to the laundromat, told Fox56 that it was “one of the craziest things I have ever heard.”

“It was just a normal day, and they came in asking if I knew what happened,” said Caldwell, referring to when police came in and asked him questions about the case.

“After they told me, I was thinking about my daughter. She is four years old. And I was thinking, I wouldn’t be able to do something like that. It made me want to go home and hug my daughter. And tell her I love her,” he said.