Mother Claims She Was Putting a Dead Dog in the Trash, the Truth is Much Worse

May 21, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

A newborn baby was found alive in a garbage bin at an apartment complex in China. A sanitary worker found the baby boy wrapped in a plastic bag. His mother abandoned him.

The sanitary worker took the newborn to a hospital on the evening of May 17, according to local news channel Xiamen Radio and Television Channel. Doctors say the child is healthy.

The mother, who was unidentified, claimed to be a migrant worker in Fujian Province. She was arrested on May 19 on suspicion of abandoning her newborn child, the report said.

Abandoning Her Baby

The woman gave birth to the boy alone in her bathroom, and reportedly stuffed him in a bag. She then took the bag down to the community trash cans outside her apartment while still wearing pajamas.

She said that there was a dead dog in the bag when she ran into a sanitary worker outside, according to Xiamen Radio and Television.

The worker, named Ye, was five minutes from getting off work. Since part of her job was sorting trash, she checked what the woman threw away. Ye was shocked when she opened the bag.

“I saw a little child, so I picked it up,” Ye told the Xiamen Radio and Television Channel.

“The umbilical cord was still attached, and there was blood everywhere,” Ye’s husband, Su, said. Su said he wrapped the naked baby with his grandson’s blanket.

Ye took the baby boy home and reported the incident to the police. He was later taken to a hospital, and found to be healthy. The Xiamen Welfare Agency is now taking care of the child, according to the report.

The mother admitted to abandoning her son, and claimed that she didn’t notice that she was pregnant, since her stomach didn’t get large, according to Sohu News.

Migrant workers in China generally come from small cities and have few skills, and work for small wages in big cities. As a single mother, she claimed that she was incapable of raising the child on her own, the report said.

Police said that they have opened an investigation.