Mother and 2 Young Children Found Slain in Arkansas, No Suspect Identified

December 7, 2017 Updated: December 10, 2017

The bodies of two young children and their mother were found in an apartment in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Tuesday, Dec. 5, KATV reported, and the police are treating the incident as a triple homicide.

Police initially responded to a suspected suicide at Rosewood Apartments at 6600 Lancaster Road, it is reported, but they later determined that the victims had most likely been murdered.

The victims of the probable homicide have been identified by police as 24-year-old Moriah Cunningham, 5-year-old Alayliah Cunningham, and 3-year-old Elijah Cunningham.

The bodies of the trio were discovered by Sheba Cunningham, who went to the residence to check up on her granddaughter and two great grandchildren after learning the children were not at school that day and their mother was not responding to repeated phone calls, ArkansasOnline reported.

“To come and find all three of them on the floor dead—it’s just unbelievable. Unbelievable,” Cunningham told

No cause of death has been released and police have not announced any suspects, but Cunningham told reporters all the victims died from gunshot wounds.

“I was looking at them … I couldn’t … I couldn’t take it in,” said Cunningham, according to

Police said all three victims lived at the address where the incident occurred.

The victim’s car had been reported missing from the scene of the crime, but authorities announced that shortly before 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 7, the white four-door 2004 Honda Accord with tinted windows had been found.

Cunningham’s car was found at the Autumn Park Apartments at 43 Warren Drive. It is unclear whether the find is connected to the homicide case in any way.

The murdered children’s father–Charles Fisher–has been brought in for questioning, KATV reported, and arrested on an outstanding warrant on charges unrelated to the triple homicide.

According to KATV, the victims’ bodies have been taken to the medical examiner to determine the cause of death, but police are investigating the incident as a triple homicide.

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