‘Most Terrifying Accident Ever’ Roller Coaster Fall Video is a Facebook Scam

January 5, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A fake video is going viral on Facebook claiming the “MOST TERRIFYING ACCIDENT EVER!” about a woman falling 220 feet on a roller coaster, but it’s just survey spam.

“MOST TERRIFYING ACCIDENT EVER! Woman Falls 220ft Roller Coaster,” the whole message reads. “Click on the Picture to watch the most terrifying video footage ever!”

It shows a still image in a ride about 20 feet off the ground with a play button, indicating there’s a video.

There’s no video and the link just takes you to a page saying you must “like” or share the post before you watch it, which spreads the post further.

There are some reports saying the video contains a virus but it appears it just sends users to a fake survey site. It is worth being cautious, however, as similar scams are known to install malware.

The image in the post was taken from a Wired magazine post about a “fake broken swing.” 

Similar Facebook survey scams claim there’s a video a fatal car accident, the world’s largest snake, and a shark eating a person in the ocean. They also ask the user to repost it to view, but there’s no videos and it just goes to survey questions.

The bogus survey sites make money for people who spread the fake Facebook posts.