Most Entertaining Place around the World

March 19, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

Entertainment is in various forms depending on the culture and orientation of people living in a place and the features available at a place. Some places are more entertaining than others this is attributed to facilities available at a place, ease with which people interact and the nature of a place. Places with modern entertaining facilities such as theaters, clubs and modern transport system are considered more entertaining than those with limited facilities also places with people who are happy and jovial are considered more entertaining. Here are factors that determine how entertaining any area is;

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1. Security available at a place
Security varies from place to place in the world due to emerging groups of criminals who are out to maim, kill and also due to terrorists who attack people some parts of the world than others. Insecurity limits the time available for entertainment because insecurity attracts restrictions such as no traveling at nights and no gathering of people to be seen beyond certain time of day. This restriction makes the area boring since entertainment is best when you are many and when you are at liberty to do anything anytime .entertainment is best when you are free to meet with friends without fear of your life. The Most entertaining place around the World is a place with the most security possible.

2. Entertainment Friendly government policies
Different governments have different policies. Government policies in some places restrict noise or use of some substances which most people consider entertainment stimulator such as music, drugs and some dress codes. Such kind of government policies limits the entertainment freedom making the area less entertaining compared to other places where government policies gives liberty of anything provided it does not harm the user. The Most entertaining place is a place with freedom entrenched into government policies and people are free to enjoy anything they desire.

3. Uniqueness and attractiveness of a place
Some places are just naturally entertaining. Places such as beaches, island and places with attractive mountain and other features such as animals are just entertaining by themselves. These places entertain the eyes and the ears and a place with such exemplary features is considered the most entertaining place in the world.

4. The economic status of the people
Poor people disrupts entertainment by borrowing ,fighting for resources and not being able to maintain the facilities available making the place to look dilapidated and not entertaining unlike the rich who leaves everyone to enjoy what he does without bothering and such a place of the rich is entertaining. The rich can afford to build entertaining facilities such as theatres and club .Such facilities enhances entertainment making the area most entertaining.

Entertaining ability of areas various as depending on the factors stated above hence the most entertaining place may not be in your country but thanks to esta visa waiver which has made it possible to travel to most entertaining places even if it is not in your country by making traveling cheap and possible to travel to other countries.