More Photos of ‘Empty’ NFL Stadiums Go Viral

By Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
October 30, 2017 Updated: November 5, 2017

Amid the protests during the playing of the U.S. national anthem at NFL games, there’s been a trend to observe whether the league will be negatively impacted as a result of it. So far, this season, numerous photos showing empty seats at games have gone viral. Whether it’s because of the anthem protests or another reason still remains to be seen.

This week, lower-than-normal stadium attendance was noticed at the home games for the Cincinnati Bengals, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Detroit Lions, and the New York Jets. The Ravens’ home game also didn’t appear to have a full house. It’s worth noting that the Bengals, Jets, Lions, and Buccaneers don’t have winning records so far this season—while the Ravens are 4-4 and were in the midst of a losing streak until Thursday night’s blowout win over the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 26.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, popular teams such as the “New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Chicago Bears continue to draw big crowds from floor to ceiling.”

“Attendance isn’t that awful in other places either; the half-empty photos circulating on social media are often taken right before kickoff. By halftime, crowds fill in, particularly in the lower bowl area. In general, it was difficult to find photos of ‘empty’ stadiums,” the Chronicles report stated, despite their prevalence on social media.

The Los Angeles Charges, Los Angeles Rams, and the San Francisco 49ers, the Chronicle noted, have had a hard time selling out games, however.