More Hybrid Than a Hybrid – The 2014 Ford Fusion Energi (Review)

By Florian Godovits, Epoch Times

The 2014 Fusion is offered with four different versions, one of them being the ‘Energi’-version – a hybrid that recaptures the kinetic energy from the wheels and stores it. And on top of that it has a plug-in ability that lets you full charge the car in 7 hours. The 21 miles the vehicle can do fully relying on electric energy might not be much, but it´s way ahead of its competitors, the Toyota Prius and the Honda Accord, that run about 13 miles.

The engine produces 129 pound-feet of torque and from the 2 litre V4 spring 141 horsepower.

Ford´s Fusion hybrid represents another step toward a fully electric car, adding 21 miles of electric range to a standard hybrid vehicle. Mixing gasoline and the electric power together enlarges the reach of the car to the equivalent of 100 mpg.

Some good news in the new Fusion-version

What’s new in the  2014 Ford Fusion? Well, notice the inflatable seat belts in back seats. The front seats come with ventilation, the steering wheel is now heated and the basic package includes summer performance tires. With the Luxury Package you will also have passive keyless entry and remote engine start. Want some new colors? Ginger Ale and Bordeaux Reserve are out, while Dark Side and Sunset are in.

The Ford Fusion Energi comes as a basic model for $35,500. Whether the Ford Fusion Energi is for you depends a lot on your lifestyle. If you mainly have commutes of 20 miles and less, the Ford Focus Energi will basically run without gas. For longer rides that advantage diminishes.