More Hotels, Less Rooms in Manhattan This Year

March 19, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

According to new data, the number of hotels planned in Manhattan has gone up while the number of rooms has gone down.

Commercial Observer reported Manhattan has 79 hotels with 15,071 rooms in planning or construction stages as of last month, compared to the 71 active hotels and 15,133 rooms counted last year by data  firm STR. 

There are currently 43 hotels in construction, and depending on how quickly hotels open the numbers can change vastly from month to month.

In Brooklyn, active projects went up to 23 hotels with 2,208 rooms compared to 17 hotels and 1,570 rooms last year. Queens has just one new active project with 143 rooms.

In the Bronx, rooms went down from 555 to 494 this year, with eight active project. In Staten Island, there are two active projects with 309 rooms compared to three with 511 rooms last year.