Moral Difference Between the Political Right and Left

November 2, 2020 Updated: November 2, 2020

Yesterday, we learned that the president and first lady, along with a staff member, were diagnosed with the Chinese coronavirus. Immediately upon hearing the news, the left and its allies in the media went on the attack, saying it was karma and wishing him death because they hate him so much.

The reason why they hate him is simple: because they are told to hate him, to call him a racist and a bigot and a sexist. But if you ask them to point to a single thing he has said or done to justify these claims, they can’t think of a single situation. At best, they can quote a selectively edited statement that he made about an altogether different question, such as the “good people on both sides,” where the question wasn’t about the activities but about the general tearing down of historical statues. As a matter of point, in the same statement, he condemns racists altogether. But the left doesn’t care, they just want to destroy America and anyone who cares about it, even if that means killing everyone who disagrees with them … just like every fascist regime in history. Just look at 1930s Germany, Soviet Russia, and today’s China.

On the other side of things, we have a tragic story coming out of the left just the day before: John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen announced the horrific news they had a miscarriage. Now, in the past, both of these individuals have made it clear where they stand politically, with the rest of the social and privileged elites—that is, against our country and against an individual’s rights to work hard for a better life. They are firm believers in socialist ideas making it impossible for lower and middle-class people to rise above their current status on their own. But the most important thing about when this information came out—there were no right-leaning news outlets or politicians celebrating this news. No one said this was karma for their support of left-leaning ideas that have led to the deaths of millions of people over the last century alone. No, no one said these things, because no one on the right believes them, and no one on the right wishes the pain these people are going through on anyone. Instead, the right mourns with and prays for these two people, and hopes that one day they will have another chance to bring another beautiful and precious life into this world.

Christopher Cole