Montreal Fashion Festival

By Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
August 7, 2010 Updated: August 7, 2010

[etssp 86]The Montreal Fashion Festival emphasizes enjoyment amid exciting styles from local and international designers. All the runway shows are held outdoors and are free, so residents and tourists in Montreal, Quebec, can take part. (Anyone who prefers a VIP seat can buy one for $75, according to the official website.)

Seeing the perfectly turned-out models in natural sunlight, with trees beside the stage, provides a mix of nature and artistry. A long strand of hair flying free from a sleek ponytail is a unique experience at a fashion show and allows the audience to feel relaxed, watching real people in a real setting. How could anyone be puffed up and pompous in such an environment?

We are happy to present these photos from the shows on Wednesday, Aug. 4.