Monkey Tricks Shopkeeper in India, Leaves With 10,000 Rupees

By Sherley Boursiquot
Sherley Boursiquot
Sherley Boursiquot
June 9, 2016 Updated: June 9, 2016

A jewelry store owner in India was swindled by a monkey after he offered it a treat outside his shop.

CCTV footage shows the monkey sitting outside of a shop in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh accepting a piece of fruit that was handed to him by a shopkeeper. 

Moments later, the conniving monkey manages to push the door wide open and heads straight for the cash register. 

He escapes with a wad of cash, roughly 10,000 rupees (just over $150 USD) from the jewelry store.

The incident, which happened last month, had many people on social media questioning whether this monkey was trained to steal.

“Someone showed that monkey how to rob,” a YouTube commenter wrote.

“Monkey see monkey do! Someone showed that monkey how to rob,” said another.

“Okay, that sounds like a trained monkey to me. I seriously doubt any ordinary monkey would scarf up bank notes,” a commenter wrote on a blog.  

Watch the video below, and make your own judgement. 

Sherley Boursiquot
Sherley Boursiquot