Mom Worries About 3-Year-Old’s Attitude Toward New Pup Until She Sees Her Actions at Night

March 24, 2019 Updated: March 27, 2019

Bringing a pet into the family is not an easy decision. Most parents worry if their little ones will be safe around the pet. But one single mother found out that she had no cause for worry after witnessing a special bond unfold.

Britney Logan, a photographer, is fond of dogs. She always fancied bringing one to her family, but with a newborn daughter to care for, the timing didn’t seem the most appropriate.

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When her daughter Laurel turned 3, Logan finally decided that she was ready to face the challenges of pet ownership.

“I’m a single mom and wasn’t sure I could juggle an infant and a puppy,” Logan told The Dodo. “Now that she’s more independent, I thought it was time!”

However, the skeptical mother was a little unsure as Laurel’s only encounter with dogs has been when she accompanied her to visit members of extended families.

They were for brief moments, and therefore, Logan had her doubts on how well her daughter and the dog would get along.

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Nevertheless, she decided to go all out and adopt a German shepherd. She named her Wren. Soon, the worried mother’s fears were laid to rest as Laurel and Wren became the best of buddies. Day after day, Laurel’s obsession with her pet grew.

“Any time we leave the house, she tells every stranger about her ‘really soft, really cool puppy Wren,’” Logan said. “They do everything together.”

However, it wasn’t until one fine night that Logan realized there was something really serious between the two.

Photo courtesy of Britney Logan

“I was up working late on my laptop before bed and heard Laurel whispering,” Logan said.

“I looked up and she had taken a bone to give to [Wren] and was covering her up with a towel for a blanket, whispering, ‘It’s OK, you can go to sleep, shhh, I’m right here,’ and Wren was just eating it up!”

Photo courtesy of Britney Logan

Logan was so touched by the comforting and warm act of her little one that it dawned on her that bringing Wren into the tiny family was one of her best decisions ever.

When it is bedtime, Laurel makes sure that her pup is all cozy and comfy and has everything she needs for a good night’s sleep.

“Sometimes she will put a pillow under her head,” Logan said, “and Wren is just so patient and gladly plays along.”

Just like a mom who tucks her little one into bed every night, Laurel does the same for her pup.

Britney Logan 发布于 2017年12月15日周五

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Meanwhile, the pup doesn’t seem to get tired of all the pampering and attention. It enjoys being all wrapped up and tucked into bed.

“She is so sweet and so smart, and just the easiest puppy ever,” Logan said.

The proud mommy also mentioned, “Several people who have met her told me I should look into training her to be an emotional support dog because she’s so calm and gentle and just so loving.”

“I can’t wait to see them grow up together,” she added.

We can safely admit we too simply can’t get enough of the duo and their sweet moments together.


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