Mom Issues Urgent Warning to Other Parents After Baby Falls Off Bed: ‘Not the Same’

May 30, 2019 Updated: July 4, 2019

A mom’s viral warning is a reminder to parents of young children to never let them out of sight.

Paige Ferguson, the mother, posted photos of her 6-month-old son, Colton, on Facebook, and told People magazine that she decided to put down her son to sleep on their friends’ bed.

She had tucked her infant son on a queen-sized bed that was about two feet off the floor.

Ferguson, who was with her fiance, Blake Linton, said she then heard a loud thud. The new mother said that she knew it was her son hitting the ground.

“He started to cry immediately. I’ve never seen his dad move that fast ever. Blake dropped everything and ran into the room to get him,” Ferguson told the magazine. “On the side of his head there was a bump… Colton is my first baby, so I’m a paranoid first-time mom and I wanted to get him checked out just to be sure.”

The parents rushed Colton to the hospital, saying that he seemed fine on the ride there.

However, a CT scan revealed that he suffered a fractured skull.

“I remember putting my head down on the bed and I was just crying and crying. I couldn’t fathom the idea of something seemingly so minor causing such damage,” she told the magazine. “I couldn’t hold it together. I will never lie and say that I was strong in that moment. I really wasn’t. I kept hugging Blake and saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ “

The boy was later taken from Arkansas to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and he underwent emergency brain surgery. The boy also suffered cardiac arrest.

“They didn’t think he would live at all. I walked into the ICU after his surgery and the doctor came up to me. Her exact words were, ‘Ma’am, I need you to understand that most likely your son is going to die from this,’ ” she said.

The boy stayed in the hospital for about a month, undergoing another brain surgery operation and several blood transfusions.

She added, “I was in disbelief. I still am. I just kept praying, and praying. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. It felt like I was in a horrible dream. Like, this can’t be real.”

After the month was over, the boy was well enough to go home.

“It was amazing. Colton was a miracle. At all of our follow-up appointments, the doctors have said, ‘I’m not trying to be mean, but your child should be dead. People do not live through the injury he had. He is absolutely a miracle,’ ” Ferguson stated.

She credited her faith with keeping her strong.

“I really give all the glory to God for everything that Colton does now and will continue to do,” the mom said.

However, the boy suffered brain damage, and Ferguson said he hasn’t been the same.

“He’s very different. He’s now the same Colton that he was before. Even right before his accident he was constantly babbling at us, not he doesn’t talk,” she elaborated. “He doesn’t babble anymore. He’s irritable all the time. He’s very stiff. I could be holding him, and I miss him so much.”

She added that he has suffered other medical complications.

Ferguson, however, has remained optimistic.

She said, “I really think he’s going to do more than what [the doctors] think he will. But I’m also very fearful for his future.”

In the Facebook post, she offered a warning to other parents.

“This is a nightmare. I dont want other parents going through this…i dont want any kid to go through this. Please take any hit to the head seriously. I cant say this enough. My heart is broken. Our child is laying in front of us yet we miss him so terribly. I need you to hear me…get your kids checked out! Please. The old tale of ‘if the bump is outward you’re safe.’ is NOT true,” she said.