Mom Misses Her Pup That Was Trapped in a Pipe for 10hrs–When They Reunite, It’s AMAZING

August 23, 2019 Updated: August 28, 2019

When the police in Phoenix, Arizona, went to serve a drug warrant to a home on the southwest side of the city, the last thing they expected was to end up engaged in a 10-hour animal rescue with the Arizona Humane Society.

The discovery of a tiny puppy trapped in a sewer pipe under the home, though, resulted in the kind of rescue endeavor that had the participating rescue parties watching with their hearts in their throats the entire time.

The officers arrived at the house planning to serve the drug-related warrant but instead found two dead puppies and their mother squandering in the property. They were then shocked when they realized that there was yet another puppy, which was still alive—but stuck in a tiny drain that ran under the property.

According to neighbors, the mother had accidentally knocked the tiny pup—believed to be just a few weeks old—down into the miniature pipe when the police arrived. Her fear due to all of the noise and commotion resulted in the frightening ordeal, which left the police with another situation entirely to take care of.

From there, it took the coordination efforts of a local plumbing company and the Arizona Humane Society to make the rescue, which took over 10 hours.

After being stuck in a sewage pipe for 10 hours, a tiny puppy was rescued and then reunited with its mother."Oh my…

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First, a small camera was threaded down into the pipe, which was just 3 inches in diameter. The puppy was located about 23 feet from the opening of the pipe, where it was eventually rescued after hours upon hours of monitoring by the Humane Society workers on the scene.

“The pipe was really small so I was able to just barely squeeze my arm down there,” she said. “I reached down. I picked her out of there, and it was absolute overwhelming just to be like ‘Finally! Got you!’”

When her puppy went missing, this mother spent 24 hours in agonizing pain. Watch the moment mother and baby are finally reunited.

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She was finally brought out into the open at roughly 10:30 p.m., according to news reports, much to the relief of everyone who had been cheering her on and waiting to see what would happen.

“Oh my God, I’m so relieved. I don’t want to cry,” said AHS worker Nicole McCormick, according to KTLA Channel 5. The Humane Society worker spent all day at the home with the police, helping them to rescue the puppy. “Oh, it’s been all day. I’m so glad she’s OK.”

The puppy was brought in for medical treatment, first at an emergency medical clinic and then at the AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital for continued care.

Perhaps the happiest part of the entire story, though, was the incredible reunion between the puppy and her mother. Even though the puppy was still so tiny that she fit in the palm of an adult’s hand, it was clear that her mother was ecstatic at the opportunity to shower her baby with some love once again.

The mother and her babies—two other siblings also survived—were treated for the abuse and neglect they had suffered from their former owner.

The trapped puppy and her surviving siblings were then put up for adoption a few months after being rescued, available to head to a forever home far from the horrendous conditions where they got their starts in life.