Mom Claims Britain’s ‘Hairiest Baby’ Needs Haircut Once a Month

June 30, 2019 Updated: June 30, 2019

The “hairiest baby” in the United Kingdom is now six months old.

Vienna Bellingham shocked doctors with her hair when her mother, 27-year-old Jemma Bellingham, gave birth to her, according to Fox News.

Bellingham said her daughter has already needed several haircuts since she was born.

According to the report, Bellingham is a hairstylist, and said she has never seen anyone’s hair grow so fast.

“I can’t believe the speed in which her hair is growing, I’ve had to cut her fringe seven times,” the mom told the news outlet. “Being a hairdresser I never knew hair could grow this quickly.”

“We have decided to keep her hair growing and clip her bangs back so it doesn’t affect her eyes. We keep putting clips ponytails and I’m about to try braids,” she said.

The mother said people mistake the girl for a doll due to her long hair.

“For her age she’s had lots of cuts already. She’s so good, she doesn’t bat an eyelid at anything, we’re really lucky,” Bellingham noted.

Adding further, the mother said that due to her profession, it’s easy to take care of.

“I’m a hairdresser so we’ll be trying out lots of different styles as she grows up,” Bellingham continued. “She’s like a living doll, it’s great practice for me.”

She added: “It does mat at the back quite a lot, it takes a lot of shampooing, conditioning, and brushing, and we’ve had to remove a few dreadlocks already.”

Six months ago, upon her daughter’s birth, Bellingham said that “every single nurse was shocked and said they had never seen so much hair on a newborn,” reported Metro News. “I had an image in my head of what she was going to look like so thought that maybe she would have lots of hair. But I didn’t think it was going to be so thick.”

Bellingham also told The Sun that baby Vienna’s conception was a surprise, and when pregnant she had an inkling her little one would have long locks.

“We went five years thinking we weren’t going to have any more so she was really unexpected,” she said.

Japanese Baby Gets Hair Modeling Job

A Japanese baby who went viral last year due to her unique hair was given a modeling job, it has been reported.

Baby Chanco became a hair model at age 1 after mother Mami Kano started posting pictures of the child’s hair on Instagram last May, leaving many flabbergasted by her looks.

The social media account, called baby Chanco’s “hair diary,” got more than 300,000 followers in a few months.

“I’m so surprised with the reaction, but also very proud of the praise from many countries,” Kano told People magazine on Jan. 8, adding that her girl has a “lighthearted smile and luxurious head of hair [that] doesn’t match her age.”

People magazine asked Kano about how she cares for the girl’s hair, and she replied: “Brushing and just let her live as she is.”

View this post on Instagram

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A post shared by 髪記録 / hair diary (@babychanco) on

And on Jan. 7, she appeared in Pantene’s new advertisement next to Japanese television announcer Sato Kondo, the report stated.

According to Popsugar, Chanco was born Dec. 23 Japan and “came out of the womb with a full head of hair.”