Mom Calls for Help After 8-Year-Old Son Faces Bullies Every Day at School

January 19, 2018 Updated: January 19, 2018

The mother of an 8-year-old boy who’s been bullied constantly at school has broadcast a call for help.

Aiesha Ayala said her son Syris, a second-grader at Ethan Allen School in Philadelphia, has been bullied every day this school year.

But the latest time was so bad she’s now calling for help.

A group of bullies hurt Syris so badly that he ended up at the hospital with bruises to his back and severe pain in one eye.

“He needed help and no adult was there and it was in the middle of the lunchroom and no one came to help him,” his mom told FOX 29.

The trip to the hospital comes after Ayala has taken her son multiple times to the doctor following beatings by the bullies.

She said she tried to get the principal and others involved but to no avail.

“They always try to hurt me. They always want to take my lunch—always try to fight me,” Syris said.

The school district said it is working on the problem.

“We are aware of issues raised by the parent at Ethan Allen Elementary School, we have taken steps to address this matter, and will continue to investigate,” spokesman Lee Whack said.

“It is important that these issues are addressed appropriately and that neither adults nor students resort to threats or violence,” he said.

People commented on the article on Facebook.

“Parents need to teach their kids it’s not OK to bully. Also the school systems need to work on there bullying system better because nothing gets done,” said one.

“A damn shame. Where are the adults to protect these children? That soda tax money should maybe be used for staff willing to put children safety first,” said another.

“This is a total disgrace. How can a school allow this to happen. This anti bullying hasn’t done anything to help kids. It’s time to work on a new solution,” added yet another.


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