Mobile COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Opens in Garden Grove 

March 11, 2021 Updated: March 11, 2021

Orange County’s latest COVID-19 mobile clinic opened at Garden Grove’s Christ Cathedral as Catholic leaders work to address vaccine concerns among parishioners.

The clinic, which opened March 10, will operate on three successive Wednesdays for first-dose Pfizer vaccinations, and continue for an additional three Wednesdays to facilitate booster shots.

“This pandemic has shined a spotlight on the importance of strong community partnerships and working together in service to our community,” Supervisor Andrew Do said in a statement. “We appreciate the Diocese of Orange for their ongoing participation on our OC COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force, statement of support of vaccination for parishioners.”

Religious Dilemma

Ethical concerns about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine emerged last week after the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement urging its followers to avoid the brand, alleging it’s developed, tested, and produced using abortion-derived cell lines.

In a statement released to The Epoch Times on March 11, Johnson and Johnson denied the claims.

“Our vaccine contains no fetal tissue whatsoever,” the statement said.

“We employ a technology platform using cells that were engineered and grown in labs from a single cell more than 30 years ago into a fully engineered cell line. This cell line enables us to rapidly manufacture hundreds of millions of single-shot COVID vaccines that can be transferred and stored without the need for deep freezing.”

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange issued a statement saying Catholics have an obligation to become inoculated to protect their families and the community. Vaccines, including the Johnson and Johnson option, “are morally permissible and can be used in good conscience,” it said.

Local Vaccination Efforts

Orange County’s latest mobile clinic is meant to bolster vaccination efforts in disadvantaged communities, Supervisor Doug Chaffee said.

“We know we have communities which have been hit hard by COVID-19, and we will continue to take actions to meet their needs,” he said in a release.

Orange County has collaborated with community partners to address vulnerable populations in underserved areas. Supervisor Don Wagner said mobile clinics have been an effective way of bridging the gap.

“With more vaccines becoming available, the County’s latest Mobile Clinic will help bring us one step closer to leading normal lives again,” he said in a statement. “The County is working fast to vaccinate those most vulnerable to the virus, but getting everyone their doses remains a function of time and vaccine availability. However, I am confident we are up to the task.”

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