Mob Rule Reigns

May 9, 2021 Updated: May 9, 2021

The corporate media and elected Democrat party leaders at all levels carried the water for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA as they perpetrated ruinous riots throughout the majority of 2020.  George Floyd was the excuse to start, and they never stopped. To the extent that even Portland’s regressive Leftist mayor Ted Wheeler, has belatedly come around to how destructive they’ve been and the damage they’ve caused to his community, and is making some half-hearted attempts to rein in their reign of terror.

Democrats in California, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., and, most recently, North Carolina have lauded and lionized BLM and ANTIFA rioters while demonizing police. The media take every opportunity to magnify and amplify this propaganda, putting police under the microscope and justifying the wanton destruction of public and private property as a perfectly acceptable act of retributive justice.

While not given to conspiracy, it is hard to explain why this is happening other than a concerted effort to usher in an unwanted change that will, ultimately, destroy the fabric of our culture and, consequently, our society. If you evaluate what has happened through 2020 into 2021, here are the trends I’ve seen:

Propaganda. The media have dropped all pretense of impartiality and objectivity, amplifying every perceived injustice, pushing a narrative that mob violence is justified, and pedaling the premise that police are irredeemably racist and that minorities are endlessly in their crosshairs.

Proliferation. The media find new locals where they can continue to push their narrative and foment unrest through divisive and, in several cases we’ve seen, false rhetoric designed to inflame and incense. You can see the push from north to south, and they are conveniently staying in blue states that support this perfidy (at least for now).

Practice. These apparently unemployed, yet seemingly well organized and well funded, BLM and ANTIFA stalwarts are perfecting their tactics, techniques, and procedures for disrupting civil order, including improving their propaganda mills and finding new means of securely communicating and coordinating amongst themselves.

Habituation. BLM and ANTIFA are injuring themselves by inflicting violence on property and people, including law enforcement. This is a very difficult barrier to overcome, and they are well past it now.

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. BLM and ANTIFA terrorize private citizens, often at random, destroying America’s communities one population center at a time. This is fatiguing for private citizens, and no one comes to save them because the police become fewer and fewer, and Democrats in charge do nothing to improve that situation, often explicitly encouraging it. That puts private citizens in a position to defend themselves and their property, after which the Democrats gleefully and balefully persecute them for doing so, further destroying the community as others are intimidated into not acting.

This is a malevolent, pernicious act intended to destroy the country. As the media (read that propaganda arm of the Democrat party) and Democrat politicians wontly or passively support this cruelty, all in the name of so-called “social justice”, our communities fall further and further into chaos. Commerce is disrupted, random acts of violence increase, and people suffer.  Endlessly. If you think that is dramatic, ask those living in the “autonomous zone” in Minneapolis. Well … you could if the thugs menacing the local community let you in to ask those questions. Perhaps you could ask someone to leave and leaving all their belongings behind.  That number is growing so you can probably find someone to ask.

This is a part of a broader pattern of misconduct intended to ruin our country, and it’s well on its way to succeeding. From embedding Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools and universities to opening the border to profligate and irrational government spending to socialism masquerading as legislation, to the demonization of our police. On that last point, the next step (wait for it) will be to expand Federal policing to the states and local communities, or suspending Posse Comitatus, in the interest of “protecting” citizens from the mobs they’ve created and enabled.

This grotesquery must stop. Racism is not systemic in our country, nor has it been for over half a century (see the Civil Rights Act). The police are not targeting minorities and are, in fact, holding back out of fear and letting minority communities suffer the inevitable, and horrific, increases in crime. Mob violence is impermissible in a land of law and order, and law and order is not a byproduct of “white supremacy.” The Democrat Party has been completely subsumed by CRT zealots and craven, race-baiting grievance industry opportunists, and they are actively dismantling America one egregious act at a time. This malevolence doesn’t rest, and we must pull together and take a stand against this increasingly violent coup. Stand up, speak out, and hold your elected officials accountable for their endorsement of this base treachery. Before it’s too late.

Thomas Smith