MLS All-Star Game 2015: When, Where Will Next Major League Soccer All-Star Game Be?

The 2014 MLS All-Star game is taking place on August 6, and some fans are looking for any information available for next year’s game.

A date has not been set for the 2015 game, but it will definitely be on a Wednesday as it has been for many years.

The All-Star game has also been in late July or very early August since its inception in 1996. That means it will likely be on July 22, July 29, or August 5.

While ESPN is broadcasting this year’s game, Fox will broadcast next year’s game.

The biggest question might about the 2015 All-Star game is probably–which stadium will host it?

The top candidate is San Jose, which will have a new stadium open next year. 

“This one seems the most likely of the bunch. The Quakes have a brand new facility that will open its doors next season and given the track record of how MLS approaches these things, it seems most logical for them to place the game here,” wrote Drew Epperley of the Big D Soccer blog.

“I think the ONE thing going against a bid for this stadium in this game could be that the league wouldn’t want to put an ASG on the west coast two years in a row.”

Dallas and Los Angeles are also on the top of Epperley’s candidates list. Dallas is one of the two MLS original teams to have never hosted the game, while LA presents a strong market and great stadium.

The blog also says that New York, Las Vegas, Montreal, New England, and Vancouver could also host the game.

Fan voting for the next All-Star game should start in late May, with the fan XI unveiled in July and the other picks coming later in July.

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