President Obama’s Half-Brother Says He’ll Vote for Trump

By Jim Liao
Jim Liao
Jim Liao
July 25, 2016Updated: July 25, 2016

Malik Obama, the half-brother of President Obama, said he’ll be making the trip from Kenya to the United States in November to vote for Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate.

“I like Donald Trump because he speaks from the heart,” Malik Obama told the New York Post from his home in the rural village of Kogelo.

“Make America Great Again is a great slogan. I would like to meet him,” he said.

Malik Obama previously worked in Maryland, where he was a registered Democrat.

Obama, 58, also told the Nation that he feels Trump is a “down-to-earth” person who doesn’t shy away from the issues.

“Donald is a down-to-earth kind of person, he also approaches issues directly and does not mince his words and being a candidate of the Republican Party I support his candidature,” said Obama, according to the newspaper. 

In addition, he told the Post that Trump is providing something “new and fresh” in politics.

Obama, in particular, expressed “deep disappointment” towards the FBI’s decision to not prosecute Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server.

“She should have known better as the custodian of classified information,” said Obama.

He added that his brother, the president, has neglected his African heritage while in office. “President Obama is my brother and I love him, but he is a hypocrite because he has neglected his African heritage and wants nothing to do with it despite campaigning on a platform that he will help transform Africa,” said Obama.

Obama’s voting preference has not gone unnoticed. On Sunday, Trump went on Facebook to acknowledge his support, writing, “Wow, President Obama’s brother, Malik, just announced that he is voting for me.”

On Twitter, he added that his brother “was probably treated badly by [the] president—like everybody else!”