Missouri Senator Says Health-Care Debates Should be Public

By Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
January 13, 2010 Updated: January 14, 2010

The nation’s health talks should have more transparency, says one Democratic Senator.

Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri recently declared that House and Senate talks involving the health-care bill should be open to public view, and further debates regarding the bill should be shown on C-SPAN.

“It’s my opinion that we should open up any further negotiations between the House and the Senate to C-SPAN so the public can watch. I believe that the best way for these negotiations to occur is through the conference committee process, and I have communicated my opinion to the leadership of my party in the Senate," McCaskill said in a press release.

C-SPAN supports McCaskill’s idea as station executive Brian Lamb even sent a letter to Congress asking debates to be open.