“Mirrored” Man With Misplaced Internal Organs Found in Anhui Province

February 19, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: February 19, 2006 12:00 am

According to a news report by the CNR News (www.cnr.cn.com), a so-called “mirrored” man was found in Anhui Province, China. His internal organs are developmentally misplaced and are found on the opposite side of the body when compared to a normal body, hence the name “mirrored man.” The man was identified while he was X-ray examined in a hospital because of a stomachache.

In China, such people with misplaced organs are nicknamed “mirrored men.” Cases of “mirrored men” have been reported in the past, but very rare. In the current case, the man suffered severe pain in his abdomen and had a checkup in the hospital. In the beginning, the physician who examined the patient using ultrasound equipment was surprised that the liver and gallbladder, supposedly located in the right abdominal cavity, were not found. Further examination revealed that the man's internal organs were completely misplaced. His stomachache came from appendicitis. Since his appendix was located on the opposite side of the body, the physician was confused for a while.

Doctors say malformation such as the “mirrored man” phenomenon occurs in the early stage of an embryo's development. Normally it does not cause any major negative influence to the body development or operation. Since the organs are located in different positions from an ordinary body, however, medical diagnosis may turn out to be a bit challenging when problems of the organs arise.