Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 Update: Are There New Achievements Available Over Xbox 360, PS3?

Minecraft, which is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, appears to feature new achievements on next-gen games.

A video of the Xbox One’s Survival gameplay was posted to YouTube, showing that both old achievements will be in the game as well as some yet-to-be-seen ones, according to GameRanx.

The game will come out on the Xbox One and PS4 in August at an unspecified date. And all texture packs released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be in the next-gen games, and the game will also feature worlds 36 times larger.

During E3, developer Mojang released gameplay footage of the game for both consoles.

And Owen Hill of Mojang also noted that PS3 Minecraft users can get an upgrade of the PS4 version at a reduced price.

“Anyone who’s previously bought PlayStation 3 Edition will be able to upgrade to PlayStation 4 Edition for a small fee. This applies to everyone who’s bought Minecraft digitally and transfers their PSN account to their new console. Our intention is to make this work for the disc version of Minecraft too, but it’s proving a bit trickier to set up. We’ll post more info on this as soon as possible,” he wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

He added that 4J’s developers are also making use of the “Dualshock 4′s unique features. You’ll be able to navigate all the menus (and craft) by using the touchpad and, of course, share and stream your experiences thanks to Playstation 4′s built-in social thingymabobs. It’s all completely optional, so don’t worry if you’re not keen on moving your thumbs or showing off your skills.”