Mimi O’Donnell Was One of Two Women in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Life, Source Claims

February 12, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Mimi O’Donnell, the mother of Hoffman’s three children, was not the only woman in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s life, a police source claims.

Hoffman had ongoing interest in another unidentified woman, which possibly contributed to the rift between Hoffman and O’Donnell, a police source told the the New York Daily News.

Hoffman moved out of the family apartment in the fall of 2013 and into the new apartment. It was previously reported that the move was fueled with O’Donnell’s concern and possible anger over Hoffman picking up drugs again. He is believed to have died from heroin overdose.

Notably, a similar tabloid report from the National Enquirer, a less reputable source than the News, turned out to be wrong, and earned the Enquirer a lawsuit from the party involved.

Meanwhile, sources who saw two diaries found in Hoffman’s Greenwich Village apartment told NBC that the actor made hand-written entries that make reference to drug deals.

He also wrote about his struggle with “demons,” and attempts to stay clean by attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings in lower Manhattan.

The diaries are hard to read, with scribbled lines and handwriting that at times become illegible.

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