Militia Head Pleads Guilty on Gun Charges

March 29, 2012 Updated: March 29, 2012

The leader of a Michigan-based militia pleaded guilty along with his son on weapons charges and could get as many as 10 years in prison, reported The Detroit Free Press.

David Stone and Joshua Stone pleaded guilty for possessing a machine gun, according to the newspaper. The two and five other militia members, however, were acquitted on all major conspiracy and sedition charges.

“They put me in the dark and kept me in the dark for two years,” Stone told the Free Press, referring to the two years he has already spent in prison. “I’m glad to be out of one of the worst county jails in the country.”

Stone added that his case “could happen to anybody.”

Federal authorities had accused the militia members of wanting to use a weapon of mass destruction against the government.

Federal District Judge Victoria Roberts found that evidence acquired by the FBI adequately proved that its members were going to carry out an attack.