Miley Cyrus Dead? Nope, Internet Hoax Says Singer Died; ‘RIP’ Tweets Proliferate

Miley Cyrus has not died, but there’s rumors being spread on Twitter and Facebook saying the singer fatally succumbed to drug and alcohol abuse, triggering many to tweet “RIP Miley Cyrus.”

A Photoshopped image claiming to be a BBC story saying Cyrus was “confirmed dead” appeared to fool many into thinking she actually died.

No mainstream media outlets have covered the story, and there’s no article about her death on the BBC’s website.

The article is written badly–with grammatical errors, and the headline doesn’t match the BBC’s style.

“She’ll not only be missed by her family and friends, but by her millions of fans, though she had lost a substantial amount with her dramatic change that was not favoured by many. Miley will be missed,” it reads.

The false report may have been a catalyst for throngs of people to tweet things like “Is Miley dead?” and “RIP Miley Cyrus” on Thursday and Friday.