Mike Pompeo to Migrant Caravan: ‘You Will Not Cross Our Southern Border’

October 24, 2018 Updated: October 24, 2018

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the migrant caravan that they will not be allowed to illegally enter the United States.

The caravan, estimated to contain between 7,000 and 10,000 people, is in southern Mexico after crossing into the country illegally from Guatemala and heading north.

Pompeo, told reporters at the State Department on Oct. 23, that he had a message for the migrants.

“You will not be successful at getting into the United States illegally, no matter what,” he said. “I repeat: The caravan will not cross our southern border illegally, under any circumstances.”

Pompeo said that migrants who want to enter the country must follow “the normal refugee process.”

“But I can tell you with certainty, we are determined that illegal entry into the United States from this caravan will not be possible,” he added.

Migrants illegally enter Mexico
A group of Central American migrants cross the Suchiate River aboard a raft made out of tractor inner tubes and wooden planks, on the the border between Guatemala and Mexico, in Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, before illegally entering Mexico on Oct. 20, 2018. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)

Legal Immigration

Pompeo noted that America is a historically generous nation when it comes to immigrants and grants over one million people per year permanent legal status, with over 33 million people currently living in the United States after immigrating legally.

“To those who want to come here: Come here legally. Legal immigration is the surest way to obtain the better life you are looking for here in the United States of America,” Pompeo said.

Up to 29 million illegal aliens are believed to be in the United States, a problem Trump has focused on.

Officials have said that criminals and gang members are part of the caravan and noted the immense security risk posed by people who have not been properly vetted crossing the border.

“From a security standpoint, there is no proper accounting of who these individuals in the caravan are, and this poses an unacceptable security risk to the United States. Moreover, many of these people are ripe targets for human traffickers and others who would exploit them. We don’t want that to happen,” Pompeo said.

“We’re a nation built on laws. We have an obligation—the President has an obligation—to protect American sovereignty and to secure our borders. To make sure that we know who’s coming in and out of country is not only appropriate, but it is a duty of the United States government.”

Pompeo’s remarks echoed President Trump’s, who has said repeatedly in recent days that the caravan will be blocked from entering America.

In his latest statements, he said that people who want open borders should look at what happened to Europe after they let in a historic number of refugees only to suffer a number of issues stemming from cultures clashing.

“For those who want and advocate for illegal immigration, just take a good look at what has happened to Europe over the last 5 years. A total mess! They only wish they had that decision to make over again,” he said.

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