Mike Pence Is a Cartoon Artist, Says Second Lady

Karen Pence revealed five facts about her husband’s personal life
February 27, 2018 Updated: February 27, 2018

Second lady Karen Pence took to the stage at this year’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference and introduced her husband.

“I want to take this opportunity to pull back the curtain and show you the Mike Pence that I know,” she said on Feb. 22.

Karen Pence revealed five unknown facts about her husband of 32 years.

“You may not know about this, Mike Pence is a cartoon artist,” she said.

In law school, Pence used to draw the weekly cartoon for the school paper, she explained.

Karen Pence is a former elementary school teacher and a painter. When she was a teacher, they would invite students over for dinner in small groups and “he would draw a caricature of each one of them before they left,” she said.

Another fact she revealed is that Pence enjoys having a “supreme thin crust” pizza and a bottle of O’Doul’s alcohol-free beer every Friday night.

Pence is also passionate about horses. “I think riding horses is one of the only places he truly relaxes,” Karen Pence said.

According to her, the feedback he respects the most comes from his three kids. The couple has two daughters and a son.

The Vice President is also a bookworm. “He loves a good book,” Karen Pence said.

“He’s a voracious reader. From historical novels to biographies, to mysteries, to Christian books, to political commentaries.”


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