Microsoft Shows Off Windows 10 on Small Tablets With Updated Interface

May 5, 2015 Updated: May 5, 2015

Microsoft is hosting its Ignite conference in Chicago this week and the opening keynote was packed with demos that showed off new features in Windows 10 including improvements to the interface and a new update process for the enterprise.

We have already highlighted a few Windows 10 builds that have not been released and now we have an excellent look at how Windows 10 will operate on small tablets. Joe Belfiore showed off the updated OS and you can check out the video below.

While Microsoft has not released a smaller Windows tablet, we do know that the 8in form-factor is preferred by some. Seeing as Lenovo, Dell and many others have released Windows 8 tablets at this size, making sure Windows 10 runs well in this form factor is important to the company.

Belfiore also showed off how you can take these smaller devices and dock them and have the same experience as a larger screen device with Windows 10.

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