Microsoft Named World’s Second Most Valuable Brand

Microsoft has been named the world's second most valuable brand, according to a report by Forbes
November 6, 2014 Updated: November 6, 2014

Microsoft has been named the world’s second most valuable brand, according to a report by Forbes based on earnings and industry relevance.

The valuation placed Microsoft at a worth of $63 billion, a hefty price due in part to its jumping mobile and tablet sales, as well as its sponsorship deals with organizations like the NFL (a deal worth over $400 million). Forbes rated the brand based on its past three years of business operations, which marked an increase in various sectors over the three previous years.

The company reported $23.2 billion in revenue and $5.48 billion in operating income during the three-month period ending September 30th of its 15th fiscal year. In the same report, Microsoft noted a major jump in mobile sales, largely due to its acquisition of the Nokia brand.

Despite these earnings, Microsoft still took a back seat in Forbes’ report to Apple, which headed up the list as the world’s most valuable brand. Forbes valued Apple at $124.2 billion – nearly double Microsoft – not only due to its product sales numbering in the tens of millions, but also due to its large brand relevance and credibility across the world.

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