Microsoft Is Removing Paint in Its Next Windows Update

July 24, 2017 Updated: July 25, 2017

Microsoft has announced it is killing off the program Paint, which has been included with its Windows operating systems since 1985.

The basic graphics program will be cut from the update for Windows 10 rolling out this fall.

Paint’s successor, Paint 3D, introduced in April during the Creators Update, will not be axed. It, however, doesn’t behave like the original Paint.

Paint was listed on Microsoft’s website as one of the features and functionalities that either will be removed in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or is no longer in active development and might be removed in future releases.

Other features that will be removed include the Outlook Express email client and the Reader app, which will be integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser. The 3D Builder app will also be removed, and Microsoft said users should “consider using Print 3D and Paint 3D in its place.”

If you’re one of the millions lamenting the loss of Paint, a free alternative, Paint.NET (available at, has similar features—and a number of notable upgrades.

On social media websites, users posted Paint-drawn pictures of gravestones to eulogize the program.

Paint was introduced with the very first version of Windows in 1985.