Michigan Voter: ‘I’m Afraid of What This Country’s Going to Become’

November 28, 2020 Updated: November 28, 2020

LANSING—Wayne Boonstra said he had plans and other things he needed to do, but ultimately ended up joining a protest against election fraud because he felt he needed to be there, and it was his duty as a citizen.

“I had to come today. My country needs me, and I need this country to be what it ought to be,” he said at a Stop the Steal rally in Lansing, Michigan on Nov. 28, 2020. Thousands have been protesting against election fraud every Saturday since Election Day.

“It affects not only me, but generations after that. And I love this country,” he said. “I guess my biggest concern right now is, I’m afraid of what this country is going to become if I don’t stand up and do something now. I’ve been watching it go downhill and I’m afraid of where it’s going to go and where we’re going to be.”

“The socialism that I see coming about scares me; I know other countries and people who have come from other countries, and it’s the freedoms that we have here that I want to protect and keep, not only for myself but for my kids and future generations as well,” he said.

“Socialism … takes away our rights and freedoms, it takes away our desires to improve ourselves and be a better country than what we are,” he said. “It lumps everyone together and takes away the drive of the human soul that we have, the desire to excel and the desire to realize that we have freedoms and different things given to us from God Himself. And I want to stand up for what is right, and see God do a miraculous thing and take our country back.”

“I’d like to see all of us citizens band together and do the right thing,” he said. “It’s obvious there has been tremendous fraud, corruption in the system, and we can’t let that continue. Our governments have run over us and our country was set up to be run by the people, for the people.”

“I believe we should all band together and do the right thing, and stand up for and support what is true and right and just, and justice needs to be done,” he said.