Michelle Obama Angered Martha Stewart With ‘White House Diss,’ Report Says

November 5, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

First lady Michelle Obama has apparently angered Martha Stewart because she hasn’t invited the TV host and author to the White House, according to a tabloid report on Wednesday.

Stewart also isn’t happy because Obama hasn’t asked her for cooking or decorating advice since she and President Obama have lived at the White House, sources told the National Enquirer.

A source told the magazine: “After all, Martha supported Barack in both his presidential campaigns. And what has she gotten in the way of thanks? Absolutely nothing.”

On Esquire TV, Stewart hinted that she’s not too happy with the Obamas. “I haven’t met President Obama. I voted for him twice,” she said during an interivew.

A White House source told the magazine that the Obamas think Stewart is a “persnickety know-it-all.”

“Michelle also feels that Martha treats her employees badly. Besides that, Martha never supported Michelle’s healthy school lunch program,” the source continued.

It’s also worth noting that Stewart’s reputation has taken a hit after she was convicted of insider trading charges in 2004, leading to a short prison term.

Reports this week have indicated that Martha Stewart Omnimedia has taken a hit during a dismal third quarter. Revenue at her company was down 12 percent, reported the New York Post.

Meanwhile, Obama has been stumping for Democrats in several states, including in Maryland.

“Nothing is more important than education,” she said on Monday before election day, according to NBC. She was campaigning for Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown.

“If we stay home tomorrow, we’re just letting other folks decide the outcome for us,” Obama said.

The first lady was also slammed by conservative websites and blogs after she told African-Americans to vote for Democrats.

“That’s my message to voters. This isn’t about Barack, it’s not about the person on the ballot, it’s about you,” Obama said, via NewsMax. “And for most of the people that we’re talking to, a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on, regardless of who said what or did this. That shouldn’t even come into the equation.”

However, Brown lost the election to Republican Larry Hogan. He conceded defeat on Tuesday night.