Michael Beuke Executed For Ohio Hitchhiker Murder

May 13, 2010 Updated: May 13, 2010

Michael Beuke was executed by the state of Ohio Thursday for the murder of a Cincinnati hitchhiker who was found dead in 1983. No complications arose during the execution that followed Beuke's long stay on death row.

Beuke was tied to a series of Cincinnati shootings in 1983, including one murder that gripped the people of Ohio with fear for weeks. Beuke killed one hitchhiker, which led to his conviction and was charged with shooting two other people from Indiana who were in Ohio. After being on death row for more than 25 years Beuke was finally executed by lethal injection.

“The execution was carried out in accordance of the law for the state of Ohio. Bueke recited the Catholic rosary for 17 minutes before his death. The execution went through without any complications,” said Southern Ohio Correctional Facility representative Julie Walburn to the Epoch Times.

Michael Beuke was pronounced dead at 10:53 a.m. He was 48 years old. Beuke had failed multiple attempts to appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court before his execution. His final failed appeal was made about 90 minutes before his death, reported the Associated Press.

Robert Craig was the hitchhiker who was killed. He was 27. Beuke was convicted of the murder in 1993. He was the 38th person to be killed by the state of Ohio since it resumed carrying out the death penalty in 1999. Beuke cried for hours before being taken into the execution room where Craig’s widow watched his death through a window.

Beuke was dubbed the “homicidal hitchhiker” by the Ohio press in the 1980s. It was said that he had completed a spiritual conversion while in prison. He prayed for his victims before state officials administered his lethal injection.