MIA Vietnam War Vet Found? Documentary Touches on Subject

April 30, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

MIA Vietnam War vet found? A U.S. Army veteran who went missing in action during the Vietnam War was possibly found living in a remote section in Vietnam, it was reported.

Another veteran of the war said that he found the purported soldier, former Green Beret John H. Robertson, who was reportedly killed in 1968 while flying in a helicopter over Laos, reported the New York Daily News. His name was etched into the Vietnam War memorial in Washington D.C.

The man, who is now 76, claims to be the U.S. veteran who went missing, according to reports. 

The wife and daughters of Robertson said he never contacted them, and they refuse to take a DNA test to prove his identity, reported the Daily Mail.

Filmmaker Michael Jorgensen in a new documentary, “Unclaimed,” touches on the subject.

“The MIA story was pretty unbelievable, pretty grandiose,” he told the Globe and Mail. “and I was very skeptical.”

His documentary shows the efforts Tom Faunce, a fellow war veteran, who attempted to find and identify Robertson.

“The ghosts of 1968, the faces of the people I have lost have never left me,” Faunce said during the documentary’s trailer. “A wise man once said time heals all wounds. One thing that’s for certain, that man never went to war.”

A translator for the man, Hugh Tran, said that he spoke exactly like a Vietnamese native and had no American accent, reported the Daily Mail.

“I still didn’t believe… until I saw the family reunion,” Tran said.

The man has chosen to remain in Vietnam.

“There’s maybe a bit of a misconception; everybody assumes: ‘Well, obviously, he wants to come back to North America,’” Jorgensen told the Globe and Mail. “But at this point he’s happier being back there, taking care of his wife, to whom he feels an incredible amount of loyalty, and their kids.”