Meryl Davis, Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Meryl and Maks Get Together for Breakfast

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy reignited “Meryl and Maks” rumors by getting together for breakfast.

Hordes of fans expressed wishes that the pair would be a couple after winning Dancing with the Stars season 18.

But they eventually parted ways, and the rumors died down as they didn’t see each other for a while.

Now for the first time in weeks if not months the pair got together for a meal.

“Got to see this one! Finally! Thanks for breakfast @meryledavis” said Maks, posing next to her in a v-neck shirt in a parking lot.

“Missed this one @maksimc,” Meryl said, regramming the photo on Instagram.

The photo renewed the rumors, with one user saying: “There is happiness, peace and contentment when youre with each other and it shows in your body closeness, eyes and smiles. Im happy for both of you.”

Another chipped in: “So wonderful to see you in each other’s arms again. You both are sweet.”

But others pointed out that the rumors are not worth it anymore since they’re obviously not together. “People are stupid hahahah they can’t just look at this and say ‘aw yay he gets to see one of his good buddies again’ instead of ‘OMG I WAS RIGHT THEY WERE DATING.’ Gah give them a freaking breakkkkkk!!!!” said one.

“I vote everyone takes a chill pill. Whether they are dating or not, they’ve said they want to keep their private lives private; so stop asking them if they are dating. It’s none of our business,” said another.

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