Merry Christmas, Buy More Chinese Junk

December 3, 2014 Updated: April 28, 2016

Nobody is going to war with China. Not even the idiots that advise policy makers in Washington. Military technology U.S. defense contractors sent to China to make into parts has been funneled into Chinese Communist military illegally. But that is not the right word. Legal or illegal means nothing to Chinese Communists. In fact they have no moral scruples. Secret and proprietary information do not exist. Contracts made with them not to steal U.S. military technology are worthless. Try to enforce anything in China, especially with the Communists in power. Enemies will be looking down gun barrels of the mightiest military power in the world. All modernization stolen, compliments of the United States government.

Now a little lesson in economics. Let’s look at the Chinese mousetrap. The little critters were nibbling away in the pantry. Looked for the Victor made in the USA mousetraps. Couldn’t find them. Surely they are somewhere around the house but it was easier to call off the search, go to the dollar store and buy new ones. Of course they were made in China. Everything in the dollar store as well as most everything in any store in the U.S. is made in China.

No the Chinese mousetraps did not work. It took twenty times to try and set them then a quick toss in the garbage can to get rid of them. For a buck no sense wasting gasoline to even take them back. The same with a Chinese made flashlight. It really looks great. Bright red, six powerful bulbs and very bright light. It worked the first time. Then had to be banged and rattled to get it to work again. Cheap yes, durable no. Now how about the lock part for the door. The old one lasted 60 years. When it failed the part was taken to a local hardware store. The big building supply, with cheap made in China wares, has mostly put the old fashioned hardware stores out of business. The hardware store had a replacement cylinder. Made in the USA and $20.99. The part was in a dusty box in a dusty bin with a few other Made in the USA parts. I did the unthinkable. Cheap is cheap. I went to the big building supply store and bought the part. This one was made in China. It was shiny brass and looked fine. It cost one-third what the U.S. made part cost. It works but will not last a year and certainly not 60 years as the old US made cylinder did.

Everybody uses computers. A journalist I know decided that he and his son would protest Chinese Communist human rights abuses by not buying anything made in China. They searched and searched and could find no computer parts, accessories or computers for that matter that were not made in China. That’s it. Every computerized piece of military equipment, every aspect of military technology, even bullets today are made in China.

Every so often some investigative reporter squeaks about American defense contractors putting secret technology for fighter jets into Communist hands. They squeak about a lot of things every so often. It is only squeaking. Incompetent bureaucrats and elected officials in Washington do nothing about it. Perhaps a Congressional investigation every so often. It gets nowhere. The Justice Department is too busy suing allies over banking discrepancies involving rules to combat anti-terrorism in Islamic states. If our allies didn’t find it lucrative to do business in the U.S. they would not even be subject to presidential rules, embargoes and executive orders. The Chinese Communists certainly are not.

Oh yes, the Chinese Communists are our ‘friends.’ Since they won the wars in Korea and Vietnam, wars that ended with outright cowardice on the part of U.S. politicians, it is the Marshall Plan in reverse. Almost. American are the ones paying out while China is buying land, natural resources and gold with our dollars.

No one that has ever done business in China has any recourse. One businessman’s ploy was to only do business in Hong Kong where British judicial process offered a modicum of redress if any wrongs were done. Even Hong Kong is falling under Communist totalitarian dictatorship.

No product leaves China without it being fully paid for. There is usually one third up front, one third upon manufacture and the rest before the ship leaves port. Chinese manufacturers are notorious bait and switch performers. Trade shows offer one thing, when it arrives, fully paid for, in the U.S. or elsewhere, it is a knock-off and of lower quality that the buyer ordered.

Now that you are busy shopping for Christmas gifts take a closer look at labels. Everything you buy that is made in China is another bullet in their arsenal, more nuclear fuel for their hydrogen bombs and parts for their jet fighters that already have U.S. invented technology.

Stick with the mousetraps you have in storage. Keep your old Made in the USA Craftsman tools. Use the American flag that is folded in a bureau, perhaps given long ago to honor of a service veteran that died fighting for world freedom. If your American flag and POW MIA flag is marked Made in China you may have some notion why we must wage an economic war for freedom and human rights.