Member of Pan-Blue Coalition Arrested

November 11, 2006 Updated: November 11, 2006

At 11:30AM on November 7, 2006, the National Security Guard of Changsha City, Hunan Province arrested Zhang Zilin, leader of the Pan-Blue Coalition, without a warrant. At that time, Zhang was meeting with several other Pan-Blue Coalition to discuss activity arrangements for the upcoming commemoration of the founder of the National Party Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's 140th anniversary. Sun Buer, the leader of the Pan-Blue Coalition, believes that Zhang was arrested by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for organizing commemorative activities and advocating human rights. He calls for people's immediate help to rescue Zhang Zilin.

National Security Guard forces Zhang to Withdraw from the Coalition

A member of the Pan-Blue Coalition disclosed that Zhang has written numerous articles and has been devoted to advocating human rights since joining the Coalition. The Changsha National Security Guard was intimidated by his bold actions and has tried several times to force and bribe Zhang to quit the Coalition. They also warned him against organizing human rights activities in honor of Dr. Sun Yet-Sen's birthday. However, Zhang refused to comply.

Zhang once said, “For freedom and democracy in China, I will stand firm in my ideals and not yield to coercion. Tell me, how many innocent people the CCP has slaughtered since its gain of political power? The CCP has also destroyed Chinese culture and brought numerous calamities to Chinese people. How can we allow such things to continue? If they want to arrest me, then do it.”

Prior to his arrest, Zhang had been detained for ten days for writing an article in memory of the September 18 National Humiliation Day [2] and for proposing a gathering in honor of soldiers of the National Party's Army who died in the war against Japan. He had been severely beaten and interrogated in prison by the Changsha National Security Guard. The CCP even threatened Zhang's relatives because he promoted Dr. Sun Yet-Sen's the Three Principles of the People [3].

Sun Buer said, “Zhang's cell phone has been turned off ever since the arrest. He wasn't at home when some members of the Coalition went to his house on November 7.”

When an Epoch Times reporter called the Changsha National Security Guard to inquire about Zhang's arrest, a guard replied, “I do not know of such thing.”

Zhang Cares for the People

According to Sun Buer, “Zhang is one of the most talented leaders of the Pan-Blue Coalition. His articles are incisive and his analysis thorough. He believes that China will never be unified without giving rights to the people. In respect to his work on defending human rights, he is thorough and is responsible for his words and actions.”

Zhang proposed that the Coalition should involve people from all levels and that they should promote the ideals of the Three Principles of the People to the general public to promote resistance struggles in China.

Sun Boer said, “Zhang has been involved in upholding the rights of the Chinese people, which entails exposing the corruption of some very rich and powerful individuals. He has offended the authority. Zhang mentioned before that he is not afraid of going to prison for freedom and democracy, and now the CCP has taken him in custody by unscrupulous means.”

The Pan-Blue Coalition calls for the assistance of people worldwide who cares about freedom and democracy in China to rescue Zhang Zilin.

[1] The Pan-Blue Coalition is a political coalition in the Republic of China (Taiwan), consisting of the Kuomintang (KMT), the People First Party (PFP), and the smaller New Party (CNP). The name comes from the party colors of the National Party (Kuomintang).

[2] The September 18 Incident happened on September 18, 1931, occurred in southern Manchuria when a section of railroad, owned by Japan's South Manchuria Railway, near Mukden (today's Shenyang) was blown up by Japanese junior officers. Japan's military accused Chinese dissidents of the act, thus providing an excuse for the Japanese annexation of China. It is referred by the Chinese as the National Humiliation Day.

[3] Three People's Principles, or collectively San-min Doctrine, is a political philosophy developed by Sun Yat-sen as part of a program to make China a free, prosperous, and powerful nation. It includes: nationalism, democracy and welfare/livelihood.