Melissa Click: Mizzou Fired Me Because I’m White

By Jonathan Zhou, Epoch Times
April 27, 2016 Updated: April 27, 2016

The disgraced University of Missouri professor who had lost her job after calling for “some muscle” to get rid of student journalists filming a protest is blaming reverse-racism for her removal from her job. 

“This is all about racial politics,” she told the Chronicle. “I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target.”

Last November, Click became an emblem of intolerance on campus after a video of her telling a University of Missouri student to “get out” of the campus quad because he was filming the protest. After he refused, she asked for help to “get this reporter out of here.” 

The negative press has battered the university financially, which saw a 19% decline in applications for its graduate schools. 

Click contests the way the story has been covered, and said that “Favorite Professor Fights to Support Black Students on Campus in Dangerous Situation” should have been the headline that the newspapers ran. 

“Black people love me,” Click said. 

Previously, Click had offered an apology for her actions that day, but now she’s defending what she did. 

“I have reached out to the journalists involved to offer my sincere apologies and to express regret over my actions,” Click said in a statement from November. “I regret the language and strategies I used, and sincerely apologize to the MU campus community, and journalists at large, for my behavior, and also for the way my actions have shifted attention away from the students’ campaign for justice.”

Click said that the school chancellor had visited the protesters, and that what she did was sanctioned by the university. Click’s husband also defended her behavior, saying that “academia is a place where you can follow your conscience.”

Click was fired from Mizzou in February, after which she has been denied unemployment benefits.