Melbourne Residents Urged to Enjoy Freedom Within Limits

October 30, 2020 Updated: October 30, 2020

As Melbourne residents head into a momentous weekend of greater social freedom, they are being urged to abide by remaining COVID-19 restrictions.

Families will be able to visit each other at home for the first time, but only one household can visit another household per day.

The 25km travel limit will still be in place and outdoor gatherings are still capped at 10 people, though there is no limit on the number of households involved.

It will be an emotional weekend for many people who have been unable to see loved ones for months.

However, Premier Daniel Andrews on Oct 30 pleaded for caution.

“I know that is challenging but if we want to keep doing that and not be locked down again and unable to see the people that we love, we just have to keep vigilant,” he said.

“We have to be, as a community, as stubborn as this virus. These last few months have to mean something, they have to be worth something.”

Police Minister Lisa Neville said those who blatantly ignore restrictions won’t get away with it.

“If people are breaching the COVID restrictions that are in place, they (police) will fine people,” she said.

Even those out sailing around Melbourne should expect police to be watching.

“We will be checking to make sure that you’re within 25km of your house and we’ll be directing you home if you’re outside that boundary,” Water Police Inspector Greg Barras said.

Victoria recorded four new cases on Friday, although two were “weak positives” and may be removed from the state’s tally.

“We will have an expert review panel look at the results and make a call on them definitively as positive or negative,” Insp Barras told reporters on Friday.

The other two cases are under investigation and include someone who had the virus in the past but is likely no longer infectious.

Victoria has 80 active cases, with five battling the virus in hospital.

Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said on Friday that Australia could be on track to eliminate coronavirus.

He said the risk of a third wave was minimal but would not be zero until a vaccine was produced.

Meanwhile, Andrews will not front the media on Saturday, bringing his daily press conference marathon to an end.

The premier has addressed Victorians for 120 consecutive days starting July 3.

Health Minister Martin Foley will conduct Saturday’s briefing.

Andi Yu in Melbourne