Melbourne Protests Against Lockdown Continue with Three Arrested

August 31, 2020 Updated: August 31, 2020

Victoria Police have fined five more people in connection to the continuing protests against the CCP virus lockdowns across Melbourne, meanwhile, three people have been arrested for protesting in the city’s north.

The protest activity has been ongoing for almost a week after a Facebook live video was published in which a person invited people to exercise within the five kilometre radius people are allowed from their homes for that express purpose.

To date, over 20 fines have been issued, and four arrests made, in connection to the gatherings, which are illegal under the state’s emergency powers legislation.

The protestors are against the lockdown measures adopted by the Victorian state government to combat COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as novel coronavirus.

Also on Aug. 30, over 60km away near Broadmeadows in the north of Melbourne, infringements were issued for another protest. A police report emailed to The Epoch Times stated: “Victoria police arrested three males during a prohibited gathering in the Roxburgh Park area.”

Two teenagers and a man in his early 20s were charged with breaching the chief health officers (CHO) directions, and with traffic-related offences.

A video circulated on social media shows dozens of men marching along State Route 35—a major road—causing traffic to slow. Many in the group are seen to be wearing Guy Fawkes masks as they run from police on multiple occasions, and in one confrontation, flares were lit and chants of “resistance” can be heard.

According to police statements, investigations into the two gatherings continue.

Melburnians have been warned that authorities will consider issuing penalty notices for anyone found to be in breach of the directions issued by the CHO.

Over the weekend 380 fines were issued to people for breaking the CHO’s directions. These include about 40 fines for not wearing a mask which incurs a penalty of $200 or more, and 129 fines for breaking curfew.

In the last fortnight, about 2,000 fines have been issued for breaking COVID-19 social distancing orders.

Epoch Times Photo
Police detain a protester at a small-scale rally against COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne on Aug. 9, 2020. (William West via Getty Images)

When asked at a press conference on Aug. 31, about the multiple protests across the city, Premier Daniel Andrews said it’s not safe, smart, nor fair to the people doing the right thing.

“It’s not appropriate to protest anywhere,” he said.

Protests in Melbourne have increased since the premier announced his intention to extend the State of Emergency powers for another 12 months.

The restrictions placed on citizens override constitutional laws and bypass Parliament, according to a Parliament of Victoria document entitled Emergency Powers, Public Health, and COVID-19, and so they require an extension of the legislation to be enforceable.

With only a fortnight left until restrictions are scheduled to ease, the Victoria government is yet to provide a plan to what easing from stage four restrictions will look like.

Victoria Parliament is scheduled to meet this week, and MPs will soon vote on whether to extend the emergency powers.