Megyn Kelly Says She’s Leaving New York City, Has Pulled Sons Out of ‘Far-Left’ Schools

November 19, 2020 Updated: December 5, 2020

Former NBC and Fox News host Megyn Kelly announced Monday that she plans to leave New York City, claiming that the “far-left” schools in the city “have gone off the deep end.”

Speaking Monday during an episode of her podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Kelly, 50, revealed that her family is leaving the city “after years of resisting.”

Kelly said that she has already pulled her two sons out of their $55,900-a-year private school—the Collegiate School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side—and plans to do the same for her daughter, saying that the city’s schools don’t “align with my own ideology.”

“After years of resisting it, we’re going to leave the city,” Kelly said. “We pulled our boys from their school, and our daughter is going to be leaving hers soon, too.”

“The schools have always been far-left, which doesn’t align with my own ideology, but I didn’t really care, most of my friends are liberals, it’s fine. I come from a Democrat family, I’m not offended at all by the ideology, and I lean center-left on some things.”

“But they’ve gone around the bend,” she continued. “I mean, they have gone off the deep end.”

Collegiate School is an independent school for boys, and claims to be the oldest private school in the United States.

Kelly mentioned an article written by Orleans Public Education Network Executive Director Nahliah Webber that was reportedly circulated in her sons’ school diversity group following the police-involved death of George Floyd.

The article, Kelly said, claimed “white school districts across the country [are] full of future killer cops,” that “white kids are being indoctrinated in black death” and are “left unchecked and unbothered in their schools.”

“The summer in the wake of George Floyd, they circulated amongst the diversity group—which includes white parents like us; there are people who want to be allies and stay attuned to what we can do—an article, and afterward, they recirculated it and wanted every member of the faculty to read it,” Kelly claimed.

“Which boy in my kid’s school is the future killer cop? Is it my boy? Which boy is it? Because I don’t happen to believe that they’re in there,” Kelly added.

Collegiate School didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter by The Epoch Times.

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