Meet AppsterEgg, The App Store Optimization Tool

January 25, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

There really is an app for anything and one cannot go through a day with a smartphone without using an app. A person can download legitimately a thousand apps for different uses and make their lives easier. There is a large amount of money in the app business regardless of if it is a game or a social media platform.


 Having your app come up higher than other apps could be the difference between developing the next Instagram and having your app fade away into obscurity. The hottest new tech trend is seeing developers and even entrepreneurs throwing their hats into the ring with the development of new apps. Apps like Snapchat, Tinder, and Uber are multibillion dollar platforms that connect the world like never before.


Developing these apps is not easy as there is quite a lot of technical expertise that goes along with developing app. The developer has to code to the operating system whether it is Apple or Android. Although difficult, the marketing of apps is the difficult part that not many people have figured out. With all of the apps coming out every single day, getting noticed in the app store takes a mix of having a great app and showing up early on app store search results.


There recently has been a spike of interest in the practice of ASO or App Store Optimization. Mastering this could garner millions of dollars for entrepreneurs and developers. Knowing how to do this has stumped even the most impressive marketing minds in the world.


There is hope for developers around the world though, there is an app store optimization tool. The tool is called Appsteregg and it can be the answers to all app store optimization that one would need. The tool increases the visibility of your app which yields enormous profits over the life of your app. Increasing search engine awareness is the first step in getting your app noticed by the almighty consumers. This tool costs a monthly fee per app and it can help make app creators and entrepreneurs alike breathe a sigh of relief.


AppsterEgg was founded by a marketer with the alias of BigBuddy and this marketer is very active in many industry forums. In the BHW marketing forum, BigBuddy wrote some interesting articles on app marketing. AppsterEgg is going to change the game completely and missing out could cost you millions!


The app world is growing and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Getting a leg up on the competition is integral if you are going to want to make it big with what you developed. Using tools is the only way that staying ahead of the competition if the competition is also using tools.