January 22, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

The A380 is such a large jetliner! As it climbs to 40,000 feet, you don’t feel like you are moving very fast or elevating quickly. At that altitude, you rise above the discontent below. The heavens above now appear to be in your midst. Here one feels strangely a part of the peace and beauty of the clear celestial surround.

We have returned from almost three weeks of traveling in Asia, after attending an international conference that covered economics, social sciences and modern sciences. There, I delivered a presentation on the medical benefits of meditation and the importance of the Spiritual connection within as part of our daily health and foundation for optimal living.

The participants at the conference were from numerous countries and ethnicities, and provided many different worldviews. Yet, we could come together on three basic necessities for optimal living: economic opportunity/stability, good health and a spiritual foundation that honors us all in a dignified, ethical manner. No one had all the answers.   It was clear that, in order to get any of those three areas established, we had to first honor the interdependence we share.

We met and discussed the same topics with Buddhists at a monastery who described the same conclusions and axioms. To have more peace and prosperity, we have to start giving what we want to receive in compassion, understanding, and love. Then we are emulating our true nature, the Divine Presence within us all, making us all one family.

We have to embrace the inevitable that we are a global family. Despite disparities, we have to move forward and practice this awareness. It is the rising tide that will lift all boats. The issue is, “How do we bridge the gaps and transcend culture and distance to make this a reality?” These noble thoughts transcend cultures and even some of our sciences. How can we promote this connection and impact the world in a positive manner?

Recent research has demonstrated how the brain will respond to meditation in positive manners. It can reduce inflammatory responses that impair brain tissue during stress as well as increase the volume of crucial brain centers that mediate emotions and other executive functions. We also have evidence that consciousness transcends the confines of the brain besides using brain tissue as an effector organ for negotiating reality requirements like walking and my typing this blog. As such, consciousness has the ability to transcend distance, allowing us to experience other places and mediate activity between each other such as promoting healing, or making a light bulb heavy enough to break a tile. Perhaps we can create a “critical mass” of positive consciousness through meditation with enough people around the world to shift consciousness and thereby shift perception, attitude, beliefs and actions.

After all if we are All One People, we have a resource, rarely tapped in a coordinated manner to create a shift of global proportions. Are you ready?