Medical Tourism to India Highlighted at Trade Show

November 25, 2009 Updated: July 16, 2012

TORONTO—The first ever Indian Medical Tourism Destination conference in North America showcased the best of India’s medical facilities, advanced treatments, access to highly trained specialists—and best of all for Canadians, little to no wait times.

Many attendees at the event, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto, were impressed by the considerable savings in comparison to North American prices for everything from advanced surgeries to cosmetic dental procedures.

Organized by Surgical Tourism Canada Inc. with support from the Ministry of Tourism and the Consulate General of India, the event aimed to educate Canadians about the possibilities India has to offer in the way of medical care and tourism.

Twenty of India's biggest private hospitals displayed their world-class facilities at the exhibition including Fortis Healthcare Limited and Max Healthcare, two of India’s top medical care providers.

Those who are seeking to couple a holiday in India with an operation have access to a wide range of medical procedures at bargain basement prices, including hip and knee replacements, facelifts, and spinal surgery.

But medical procedures carried out abroad could end up costing the Canadian healthcare system if treatments require expensive follow-up care after the patient returns to Canada.

Health Canada has said that people who receive medical treatments in developing countries do so at their own risk. However, there are now insurance companies offering special coverage for medical tourists.

As for transplant procedures, India is heavily regulated compared to neighbouring China which has been the subject of investigation into allegations of illicit organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience.