Media Worker Punished for Tiananmen Massacre Ad

By Wang Manna, Central News Agency
June 9, 2007 Updated: June 9, 2007

HONG KONG— On June 7, The Hong Kong office of the Information Center for Human Right & Democracy office reported that Li Shaojun, deputy editor-in-chief of Chengdu Evening News, is being investigated as the result of the paper's ad commemorating the Tiananmen Square Massacre, which was published on June 4. The Sichuan Provincial Propaganda Department has summoned all of the writers and editors who might be involved for questioning.

The Information Center said the 13-word ad, “Salute to the mothers of the victims of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989” appeared on page 14 of the Chengdu Evening News on the June 4, the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Apparently anyone with 14 yuan (less than $2 US) and a valid ID could place such an ad.

The Information Center commented that although the Tiananmen Massacre occurred 18 years ago no one who participated the Tiananmen Square Democracy Movement would ever forget. Placing the ad to commemorate the event was clever, but risky. If the CCP is able to identify the person who placed the ad, that person could be charged with “trying to subvert State power,” a charge akin to treason.