Medellin, Cebu Province: ‘Catastrophic’ Damage From Typhoon Haiyan; 4 Dead

November 8, 2013 Updated: June 24, 2015

Medellin in Cebu Province was hit extremely large by Typhoon Haiyan, leveling a “heartbreaking” amount of damage.

Mayor Ricky Ramirez said in information conveyed through Facebook that there is “no food or water” and that all rice stocks are wet.

Ramirez further told the Sun-Star that there’s devastation everywhere in Medellin. The media outlet reported that there are four people dead in the city.

The mayor said 90 percent of the homes are damaged. 

Trixy Villegas-Mendoza, who obtained pictures of city from the mayor, re-posted a message on Saturday from via Facebook that the damage in the city is “catastrophic.”

“We are crying for help,” the message read. “Government infrastructure there are either totally wiped out or heavily damaged. Practically all houses made of light materials are all gone. Major roads are blocked by trees or electric posts.”

“They need generator sets to power their water systems. All their rice stocks are wet. All sugarcanes look like a flat iron went over them. Sugar mill badly hit. All electric poles are down and cebeco may not be able to restore power in a month. Some beach resorts are gone. Docksides looks like it was bombed. All schools are damaged and can’t be used, even the newly built ones that were not turned over yet. Please, please, please, we are begging for help. Thank you very much.”

On Sunday, the Medellin Facebook page, which is helping coordinate rescue crews, said:

“To all family and relatives of Medellin residents, we are doing everything to help everyone. Some relief goods arrived and others are coming. So far, help comes from private institutions and individuals. Let us not lose hope. Help is on the way.”

Nearby Daanbantayan and Bantayan Island were heavily damaged, as were other areas in the Philippines from the powerful typhoon, which has left an estimated 10,000 dead or missing.

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