Medal of Honor Recipients Speak Out

May 12, 2010 Updated: May 12, 2010

To reduce rising suicide rates in the military,  American Medal of Honor recipients will launch the “Medal of Honor—Speak Out!” campaign to encourage soldiers to get help for post-traumatic stress (PTS).  The heroes, who survived horrific experiences, recorded video messages.

Soldiers who suffer from PTS often do not seek help. A fear of looking weak or of hurting their military career held back 65 and 50 percent respectively from asking for help, according to the campaign.

"Medal of Honor recipients know firsthand what today's service members need—the reassurance that it is OK to seek help," said David McIntyre, Jr., Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation board member, in a press release.

During the wars in Vietnam and Korea, and World War II, soldiers had few resources to turn to for help, retired Air Force Col. Leo Thorsness said. Now there are crisis lines, support groups, and new, effective treatments.

The campaign launches on the Armed Forces Day, May 15.  Please see for more information.