McCoy: Vick ‘Cheated’ in Friendly Footrace

May 13, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy said that quarterback Michael Vick cheated in a footrace between the two earlier this month.

Vick, 32, and McCoy, 24, ran the 40-yard-dash in early May. On Twitter, Vick said he “[beat] him by a few yards too.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that McCoy claims Vick jumped before the gun in the race, and he says he obtained video evidence. However, the video was not presented or uploaded to YouTube, according to NBC Sports. NBC reported on Monday that during a meeting with the media, McCoy was asked about the race.

Earlier, McCoy tweeted that Vick “cheated,” adding that “please tell us someone was recording.”

After the race, Vick also appeared to decline a rematch, saying there “won’t be any more races at the facility. We’re focus(ed) on this upcoming season. We need to get back to playing Eagles Football. DONE,” according to

On Monday, Vick described new coach Chip Kelly’s practice tempo.

“We’re so used to getting in the huddle and going back and talking to coach and getting a coaching point. There’s no time for that,” Vick told USA Today. “You’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. That was my biggest thing. I was looking at (offensive coordinator Pat) Shurmur for a tip or Chip for a tip to see if I did it the right way.

As coach of Oregon, Kelly developed a reputation as a coach who held high-tempo, high-energy practices.

“We just gotta keep going, and that’s good because that’s what you’ve gotta do in the game. Everything’s not going to be perfect, so you’ve got to keep going and keep moving,” Vick said.