Mayor Touts 100 Re-Zonings in NYC

October 28, 2009 Updated: October 28, 2009

NEW YORK—With the recent completion of 100 New York City-wide re-zonings adopted under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration, Bloomberg congratulated on Wednesday the Department of City Planning (DCP) for its work.

“City Planning’s 100 re-zonings have created a blueprint for sustainable development,” said Bloomberg in a statement.

“Together, they offer new housing and job opportunities near transit hubs while maintaining the diverse character of New York City’s many residential neighborhoods by updating decades-old zoning to protect the scale of lower density and auto-dependent neighborhoods.”

Since Bloomberg took office in 2002, he has pushed more than 100 re-zoning plans through a City Council that passed them all to become laws.

The city spent more than $1.5 million to hire two consulting firms to explore how New York's growing population could be accommodated. The administration then created its vision for the future, known as PlaNYC, which was released by Mayor Bloomberg on Earth Day 2007.

Up to now, more than one-fifth of the city, excluding parks, has been re-zoned in order to boost development potential. Approximately 2.1 million people live in areas touched by re-zonings, making the effort the most extensive reimagining of the city’s land use since 1961, according to the DCP.

The re-zoning was driven by a projection that New York City’s population will grow by a million people by 2030.

“A growing population helps create jobs, but it also requires city government to plan for the future,” said Bloomberg.

Inactive factory sites were recast as land for housing or office towers, an idea suggested by the fact that New York was no longer a manufacturing center. The city also reduced allowable densities in many neighborhoods that have been plagued by illegal or unpopular development.

“Many of the benefits of this ambitious planning agenda will be realized decades from now, but the department’s 100th re-zoning is a remarkable milestone.”